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Someone care to share checksums?

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Posted 19 August 2019 - 05:25 PM

New admin here, had head of company 'locked out' again, in about a week.

Account Lockout Examiner looks like JUST what I want.

Download, unzip 'ale_setup_free.msi' and run it.

The hairs on my neck go up when they ask for the admin credentials before installing, but OK.

Then the installation fails, "installation has been halted due to an error" and an ever so helpful "You can try again later." Which I did.... and it didn't.


So now I wonder, "Have I just given my admin credentials to.... WHO KNOWS?"

Before I freak and shutdown my system and change all admin access..... call support.

Ah, needs all kind of information to just have Brian say; "sorry, it's free. Try the forums."

(create account on forums - not one but THREE CAPTCHA later; I have an account.)

At this point, I AM ready to shut down the system, enough time has passed that IF this is a bad-actor, they have my entire system backed up for later analysis!....


So what I want (and it amazes me that it is not RIGHT UP FRONT!) is checksums.

For the install, for the zip, for something that says I DIDN'T just load (intentionally or due to Netwrix getting hacked) something I NEED to purge NOW!


For as much as they have asked me to prove I am me. And the 'drop-yer-pants-first' requirement of the installer. And the non-informative and unhelpful installation message AND Tech-support staff....


I would like just a modicum of the same: 




from the forum/community; checksums please. pick your flavor, CRC32 or 64, SHA1 or 256, hell, even be obscure and give me Blake2sp!!


Moderator: please make the responses sticky.


Netwrix: I shouldn't need to ask for this. ANY downloaded software, especially something that will get admin access, should provide this minimal protection for the user!!

If you neglect this, what else do you neglect?


It's Monday morning, and I already need a drink.

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Posted 20 August 2019 - 10:28 AM

Hi there,


The checksums (SHA1) for .zip/.msi are attached.


Regarding improvement of forum or web site services, you may use the following form:



The installation may be failed due to different reasons from very common like antivirus to complex covering different parts of operating system, damaged system files etc.


Try to deploy new supported OS, let's say using virtual machine and install Account Lockout Examiner (ALE).


If you would prefer to investigate what's going on while installation, use this command to analyze logs:

msiexec /i ale_setup_free.msi /l*v log.txt



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Best regards,
Forum Engineer

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